Friday, 27 January 2017

Dorset and Wilts RFU Boys BU15s Manager

Dorset and Wilts RFU has an opening for a Manager for the U15s.  

This is a key voluntary role which underpins the success of the team, the development of our young players and also the enjoyment of everyone involved.  Dorset and Wilts RFU fields A and B teams for U15s playing up to 4 fixtures each season in addition to a number of development sessions.  If you have a flair for management, enjoy being at the heart of things and have a passion for rugby then this voluntary role is for you.

Applications and queries should be submitted to Nick Elbourne; email ; Mob 07795 513795.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dorset & Wilts RFU Senior Mens Team Manager

Dorset & Wilts RFU would like to ask for applicants for the Key role of Senior Men`s Team Manager, the closing dates for applications is 19th November 2016 Completed applications should be sent to Chris Davis chair of coaching

Applications forms can be downloaded here download application form here

Key Role Activities for Team Manager:

REPORTS TO: D&W; Senior lead coach

KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Lead coach, assistant coaches, D&W Officals, Referees, selectors, players, medical Staff.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of Men`s County Representative Rugby is to ensure that all players
who are involved in the process, have the opportunity to develop within a structured
training and playing programme. It is aimed at players who have aspirations for playing at
County level and represent Dorset & Wilts RFU

NATURE & SCOPE OF JOB: The post-holder will work with the coaching team to deliver an annual
coaching programme that provides a positive and successful playing environment for
players to develop all their rugby skills. The programme will provide high quality coaching to
community rugby-based players to enable them to perform at their optimum ability.
(Players will be taken from community rugby clubs, and from players that meet the RFU criteria for representing the county of Dorset & Wilts.)
Responsible for all player, medical & referee communication and information regarding training, games, venues, timings etc.
Making arrangements with host and away clubs including pre match food and venue
Arranging training venues, drinks and food and equipment access
Overseeing preparation of match day programme if appropriate with assistance from other D&W RFU officials.
Arranging for Referee & 4th official liaison & Making all other off field arrangements and managing information as required
Managing press liaison in conjunction with coaches
Managing communications between coaches and players including fitness, injury & availability
Managing logistics and travel information
Managing expenditure within delegated budget in liaison with the Chairman of the RDP and the Honorary Treasurer, including forwarding expense claims and payment requests to Honorary Treasurer as soon as they are available

There is no requirement for the team manager to have any involvement in;
Coaching and replacements strategy
Player recruitment activity
Selection of squad
Training content
Managing all other on field active

The post holder is accountable to the Chair of Player RDP, who reports to the D&W management board for the successful delivery of the responsibilities as outlined above.
The post-holder will receive appropriate travel expenses and the position will be held for a
term of 3 years (renewable) subject to an annual review
Interviews will be held within Dorset & Wilts and for all coaching roles will include an interview with a interview panel.

The Dorset & Wilts RFU Code of Conduct

As long as you are a member of or involved with the Dorset & Wilts. RFU or any of its squads or teams, you must meet all of the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by the RFU, by Dorset & Wilts. RFU or an affiliated club and in any role you hold within Dorset & Wilts. RFU or an affiliated club:

· Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.

· Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.

· Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions.

· Make a commitment to providing a high-quality service.

· Be aware of and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to the standards, rules, regulations, procedures and policies of Dorset & Wilts. RFU.

· Operate within the rules of the sport, including national and international guidelines, which govern Dorset & Wilts. RFU and the affiliated clubs.

· Do not use your involvement with Dorset & Wilts. RFU or an affiliated club to promote your own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of the RFU, Dorset & Wilts. RFU or an affiliated club.

· Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.

· Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age, wherever possible.

· Refrain from any form of harassment of others.

· Refrain from any behaviour that may bring the RFU, Dorset & Wilts. RFU or an affiliated club into disrepute.

· Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity.

· Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.

· Be a positive role model.

· Understand the repercussions if you breach, or are aware of any breaches of, this code of behaviour.

· Do not use your involvement with Dorset and Wilts. RFU to influence players or coaching staff to move from their existing club to another club.